Things to do in Murudeshwara

Apart from enjoying our hospitality at Dhenu Athitya, there is so much more that Murdeshwara has to offer:


With all the serene beaches, rivers and lakes close by, boating is an ideal activity to indulge in. Explore the Arabian Sea and unfold the visual treasures that it has to offer.

Water Skating

For those who enjoy life in the fast lane, take to water skating. Many safe options are available for all age groups. Full safety equipment is provided along with assistance from expert professionals to make the experience further pleasant.

Water Biking

Exploring on water life is truly fascinating. To experience the thrill of a motor bike with the tenderness of an ocean instead of hard tar road below your feet.


Yana attracts trekkers from far and wide. The perfect location for trekking enthusiasts, it is one place where nature can be enjoyed in its fullest glory. Get your backpacks ready.

Scuba Diving

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