About Us

Dhenu Athitya was started with a single-minded objective. To make the best of hospitality available to all at most competitive prices. Personal attention and ensuring of complete comfort is our forte in which we have an earned an envious reputation.

The cornerstones on which Dhenu Athitya is placed is Care and Quality.

Dhenu Atithya Care:

We pride ourselves on the calibre of our service; the credit of which rightfully goes to our staff. Being stakeholders of the Dhenu Athitya Brand, they are extensively trained and receive full co-operation from the management so that your stay is memorable and exceedingly pleasant.

Dhenu Atithya Quality:

We believe our guests deserve the best and this radiates from the vibrancy of our cuisine. We also believe in delivering optimum style of surroundings, uncompromising standards of comfort, extensive global connectivity and efficient business support, if needed.

Our Dhenu Atithya is styled so as to compliment the landscape, to nurture the environment and of course, to celebrate the rich tapestry of local culture. We will ensure that your exploration of Murdeshwara is one that you will remember for the rest of your life.‚Äč

Dhenu Atithya Facilities:

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